A great year – 2017

We are down to the last days of 2017, I could’ve not been more happy from all the things I have experienced this year. This is definitely one of things that I wished earlier this year, to have end 2017 with such an amazing and meaningful perspective in life; in which, I did.

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I’m Sorry That I Took Photography

I’m sorry because I chose this art. I could’ve worn my Nike shoes and pursue Basketball. I could’ve smashed harder in order to continue my Badminton and became a varsity in the earlier years. I could’ve been more confident and explore myself to dancing. And lastly, I could’ve definitely continued this thing; blog, writing, etc.

It’s pretty much understandable that photography is an expensive hobby. I mean look before we all go to these lenses, accessories, etc. Just the body itself is just not definitely for everybody like me. It’s true, it’s damn true. In photography, you prioritize into buying gears for your arsenal when it comes to events such as debuts, birthdays, weddings, and the likes. You buy gears, you sell them as well if you’ve come across with better gears. Sure, it won’t be that hard if you’re thinking that you have a capital.

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What the 2016 (II)

My Bestfriend

That’s me and Charlize. IKR, haggard face is on point.

I am so grateful to have her with my side. With the problems that I have faced this past year, she was there for me. I couldn’t thank more to her. Yeah yeah I know, “Dude. Bestfriendzone pala eh. Paano yan, wala ng chance ohhh!” I really don’t put much attention on that because I just don’t have that kind of feelings for her. What I really think is that aside of being the guy best friend to her, she’s a sister to me and vice versa. Well, I explained already few months ago of what it feels like to be a guy best friend of a girl. She definitely helped me when I was depressed two days ago. I had no idea what to do with my life, I’m so glad that she cheered me up very well. In this year, she introduced me to her 2 out of many favorite TV series; Stranger Things and How I Met Your Mother. I watched it all and I really enjoyed it. I really hope that we could watch the new season of Stranger Things by Summer. But heck, she suggested that if we’re going to watch together, we’re going to watch some horror movies so that she could scare me off to the point I would shout like a girl because in reality, I don’t like watching horror movies because I’m definitely scared! Additional thing to show that we’re beshie is that we love to listen to Coldplay, there would be times whenever we’re together we would sing some songs of Coldplay especially Til Kingdom Come (Great song!!!). Continue reading “What the 2016 (II)”

Where have I been?

Exactly! Lucas, where the hell have you been? You haven’t posted for weeks. Great question. This is going to be a short post because I am here today just to explain my “leave”. The reason why I haven’t posted much anything around here is that I am busy with school, which is pretty obvious for some teens. Other than that, the main reason why I haven’t been around here is that I am vlogging nowadays. I just feel that I am just better at vlogging rather than posting my opinions in here. It’s not that I don’t love posting here anymore but I realize that I love video editing and at the same time, I love vlogging. Continue reading “Where have I been?”

X-Men Timey Wimey Timeline and My Theory about Wolverine!


Fox’ X-Men has been confusing since Days of Future Past or X-Men Origins: Wolverine (ewww). But nevertheless, let’s start from the First Class shall we?

So X-Men: First Class shows us the (sort of) origin stories of few mutants like Professor Xavier, Magneto, Beast, Mystique, etc. The main villain of the film was Sebastian Shaw played by Kevin Bacon, great actor by the way. Sebastian Shaw was planning to have a nuclear war between the United States and Russia thus, making the World War 3. Shaw wanted to have control of the Earth and share with other mutants who joined him. Although, the X-Men stopped the upcoming war and Magneto killed Shaw in the process.

Then here we have the timey wimey story then. In the original timeline, Mystique killed Trask. And so, the story followed by X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and The Wolverine. The post-credits scene in Wolverine shows that Professor X is alive and tells Wolverine that they’re in deep trouble and so we have the future that we have seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past. A dystopian future where the Sentinels are taking over and killed many mutants. Continue reading “X-Men Timey Wimey Timeline and My Theory about Wolverine!”